Jade Marion

Jade Marion


Research Interests: Natural Language and Human Behavior, Public Opinion and Social Attitudes, Neurolinguistics, Bilingualism, Semantic Processing, Language and Thought, Race and Culture

Projects: Racism and Nostalgia: Examining Internet Conversations Surrounding Removal of Confederate Symbols, Language of False Confessions: A Text Analysis of Legal Statements made by DNA Exonerees 


Jade Marion is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin studying to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Linguistics and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures with a minor in Arabic. Jade is currently working as a research assistant in the CLIMB Lab and Huth Lab. She aims to use computational language analysis models to study the brain’s mechanisms and contemporarily relevant social topics on race, policy, culture, and bilingualism. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a Phd in Cognitive Psychology with a focus on language use and processing in order to prepare for a career as researcher and professor in the field.