Rhea Pedler

Rhea Pedler


Research Interests: Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain Injury (BI), Linguistics, Trauma, Cognition, Cognitive Development, Head Injury, Concussion, Memory, PTSD, C-PTSD, Motivation, Choice, Miscarriage, Abortion

Projects: BI Linguistic Paper @ UT Austin, PTSD v. C-PTSD Paper @ UT Austin, Affect Intolerance Paper @ UCCS


Rhea is a currently a first year graduate student getting her Masters at UCCS in Clinical Psychology with undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology. She is interested in Brain Injury (BI) survivors integration and recovery, specifically in relation to linguistic and emotional incorporation. Her future plans are to design a central operation that incorporates resources and skill development for brain injury survivors, as well as a device that practitioners can use that will provide them a measurement of social integration in brain injury populations. She hopes to continue on to get her PhD, and one day to take her research and experience to the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force.